Hard Hollywood Quiz

Hollywood Sign

Do you think you really know Hollywood? Well, find out with our hard Hollywood trivia quiz.  Only true Tinseltown aficionados have a chance at getting all 10 questions correct.

What did the original Hollywood sign say?
The Hollywood Walk of Fame consists of approximately how many stars?
What awards recognize excellence in the television industry?
In 1932, Broadway actress Peg Entwistle committed suicide by jumping off which letter of the Hollywood sign?
Who is known as the “Father of Hollywood”?
What was the first movie to be made in Hollywood?
Who has the only star which is not on the sidewalk but on a wall instead?
What is the name of the cemetery where many stars have been buried, including Mel Blanc?
What was the first studio company to open in Hollywood?
Where are the academy awards held each year?
Hollywood Trivia Quiz
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